LLGV Legal Services

B-BBEE Compliance

LLGV has acquired significant expertise in the vitally important field of Broad- Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE).  We collaborate closely with our sister company, Lanham-Love Consulting (LLC).

LLC specialises in providing dynamic business ownership solutions to clients across a range of industries. LLC and LLGV work together to implement B- BBEE-compliant ownership structures. These may involve trust deeds and related agreements (including shareholders agreements and memoranda of incorporation) specifically drafted to ensure that full compliance is achieved. 

Our aim is always to cater for both the business and legal requirements of the restructured entities and to ensure that in addition to being B- BBEE compliant, they are also legally and commercially sound. Our work in B- BBEE compliance reflects Lanham-Love Galbraith-van Reenen’s commitment to economic empowerment and transformation in South Africa.

Corporate & Commercial

We focus on the specific requirements of our clients’ businesses and are acutely aware of the need to understand the commercial space in which our clients operate. Our highly skilled attorneys have the necessary experience to draft a wide range of commercial agreements.

Rather than an ‘off the shelf’ approach, we supply tailormade solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Our skillset includes drafting the following legal documents:

  • Shareholders agreements;
  • Memoranda of Incorporation;
  • Sale of shares agreements;
  • Subscription agreements;
  • Finance agreements;
  • Instalment sale agreements;
  • Funding agreements;
  • Development agreements;
  • Loan agreements;
  • Memoranda of understanding;
  • Asset for shares agreements;
  • Terms and conditions;
  • Joint venture agreements;
  • Service level agreements;
  • Sale agreements;
  • Supply agreements;
  • Cessions and assignments;
  • Suretyship agreements; and
  • Acknowledgement of debt agreements.

Collection & Debt Recovery

We offer specialised recovery and asset repossession services to our financial sector clients.

Insolvency Law & Business Rescue

We have launched many successful liquidation and sequestration applications on behalf of our clients. Equally, we have successfully opposed a number of business rescue applications. Working closely with liquidators and trustees, we endeavour to finalise matters in a timely and cost-effective manner, and always in the best interests of our clients.


Litigation can be a costly and complex process. We provide guidance to our clients every step of the way, without ever losing our focus on reaching an effective resolution.

From the outset, we assess the merits of each matter; strategise and implement appropriate solutions. Our collective experience enables our practitioners to litigate successfully in matters across all forums. We have launched many successful applications including:

  • Evictions;
  • Money judgment claims;
  • Surety claims;
  • Interdicts;
  • Liquidations and sequestrations;
  • Foreclosures on immovable property;
  • Sales in execution;
  • Business rescue applications;
  • Rei vindicatios (repossessions);
  • Anton Piller applications;
  • Administrative and review applications;
  • Various property-related matters; and
  • Perfection of notarial bonds.

Our tenacious and diligent approach to litigious matters has resulted in a number of reported Supreme Court of Appeal judgments in the South African Law Reports.

Our expertise includes constitutional law, administrative law and public procurement. We also offer general commercial dispute resolution services for clients in the entertainment, pharmaceutical, mining, franchising, petroleum and gas industries, in addition to SOEs.

Energy Sector

We service a number of leading corporations in the petroleum and gas industries. We have acquired expertise relating to the drafting of industry-related agreements such as:

  • Leases;
  • Retail dealer agreements;
  • Transaction agreements;
  • Operating leases;
  • Third-party agreements;
  • Suretyships;
  • Servitudes;
  • Restraints of transfer;
  • Supply agreements; and
  • Bulk supply agreements.

In addition, our litigation department manages complex matters for these clients, including but not limited to Dealer evictions. The nature of this industry often requires relief by way of urgent application proceedings.

Our commitment to our clients means that we never shy away from disputes, and we are comfortable operating in high-pressure scenarios where time is of the essence.

Franchise Law

Our team has provided extensive legal services to various franchisors, including a multinational proprietor of well-known retail brands. Our franchisor services include:

  • Reviewing franchise agreements to ensure full compliance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008;
  • Providing advice regarding the application of franchise agreements;
  • Negotiating with franchisees;
  • Attending dispute-resolution mediations;
  • Assessing and acting upon breaches of franchise agreements; and
  • Cancellation of franchise agreements, litigation and interdictory proceedings.

Property, Notarial and Conveyancing

Our dedicated Property Department delivers exceptional service in all specialised notarial and conveyancing matters and general property related contracts, queries and disputes.

We are mindful of the prevalence of cybercrime prevalent in the industry and take proactive steps to protect our clients against fraud. We attend to the following property related matters:

  • General property advice.
  • Advice on the acquisition and sale of immovable property, including commercial, residential and industrial property.
  • Advice and registration of security in respect of movable property and in particular Covering Bonds, Notarial Bonds, Surety Bonds.
  • Advice on the drafting and preparation of all Leases, including Notarial Leases, long-term leases for residential, industrial and commercial properties.
  • Advice on and transfers of shares, interests and claims in share block schemes.
  • Advice in respect of Ante nuptial contracts.
  • Opening of Sectional Title Registers and registration of Sectional Title Schemes and variations of existing schemes and registration of Sectional Title transfers and bonds.
  • Transfer of freehold and leasehold properties. Land subdivisions and consolidations.
  • Township development and sub-division Applications.
  • Registration and cancellation of mortgage bonds and notarial bonds.
  • Advice on and attending to Notarial Tie Agreements and Property Consolidation Applications.
  • Advice on personal and praedial servitudes and Usufructs and the registration of the applicable Notarial Agreements.
  • Conducting property searches in respect of individuals, Companies, Close Corporations and Trusts.
  • Drafting and providing advice on all property related contracts and litigation.
  • Specialist advice on auction related matters.
  • Notarising of documents

Our conveyancing and notarial fees are charged at the tariffs prescribed by The Legal Practice Council. We provide our clients with a quotation on the fees payable at the outset of the transaction.

Our Property team is committed to keeping our clients informed through real time progress updates and regular contact.

Our Valued Clients

We represent a number of leading companies including financial institutions, petroleum companies as well as property developers and retailers.